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The knockdown shot is essentially another term for “punch shot”. Recreational golfers can think of the terms as interchangeable. Knockdown shots are typically played with the ball farther back in the golfer’s stance, and with a shorter backswing and shorter follow through and using a club with less loft.

About Kevyn Cunningham

Born in Bedford, England Kevyn Cunningham began his career as an amateur golfer who achieved a scratch handicap by the age of 16. After turning professional he worked as an assistant to Eddie Bullock, qualified as a Class A member of the Professional Golfers Association of Great Britain, and successfully played on mini-tours in England and the United States before taking up the position of Head Professional in Corinthia, Austria.

From 1997 to 2007, Kevyn headed up the Caribbean Headquarters of the David Leadbetter Golf Academies in Jamaica in the winters and held the position of Director of Instruction at the David Leadbetter Academy in Vail, Colorado during the summers.

Kevyn heads up the Cunningham Golf Academies at the prestigious White Witch Golf Course, utilizing his experience gained teaching players all over the world and conducting corporate clinics. Kevyn believes that a golf lesson should be the start of a relationship between client and instructor and he regularly keeps in contact with clients that send him golf swings over the internet.

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