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The Perfect Driver Setup

Today we’re going to talk to you about the perfect driver setup and the differences between hitting a driver as opposed to an iron. In the setup with our iron position, we typically have that ball a little more position towards the middle of our stance.

We’re really going to focus on posture, and staying stable. But the big thing we’re looking for here in an iron shot is transferring our weight to that forward side, making sure we’re connecting with that ball.

First, we want a downward strike where we catch that ball first and grass to follow. We’re posting up on our left side, really moving that way towards that target.

When we get into the driver, swing, and set up position our ball position is going to be pushed a little bit more forward. And the most important thing with a driver is we’re really trying to catch it on the upswing.

So Driver is the only club in the bag that we’re actually going to try to help up off the tee. We’re going to catch it on the upswing. And try to get that ball up into the air.

So, in the perfect driver setup, we push our ball position a little bit more forward. And the big thing we do to try to help that ball get up in the air with the setup position is we work on what we would call a reverse K position.

So instead of a very neutral setup, we’re going to keep our hips stable but push our shoulders back a little bit. And what looks like a reverse K.

The Perfect Driver Setup

This simple setup position is going to allow us to change the arc of our swing.

So in the perfect driver setup we’ve got our head behind the ball, we’ve got our hands behind the ball, and we’re trying to stay behind that ball to catch it a little bit more on the upswing.

The other thing that’s so, so, so important for a driver is posture. The longer the club, the lighter the club, and the more we feel like we have to swing it or create speed or create power.

So the big thing that is really important when we’re hitting our driver is stay in your posture, stay in your positions, and don’t try to swing too hard at it.

And the big thing we want to focus on is everybody talks about head position, head, position, head position. Our head is connected to our spine, which is connected to our tailbone. The big thing we want you to focus on with the perfect driver setup is your butt position or your spine angle. If you can maintain your spine angle, you’ll maintain all your different positions throughout the swing.

So in the perfect driver setup it is posture, posture, posture. You focus on your spine angle. We focus on your butt position, feel like we stay in this position.

So, remember when hitting the driver, we want to catch it on the upswing. Hands behind it, head behind it, reverse key position, and focus on your posture.

Take that to the driving range, practice it, work on it, take it to the course and trust it.

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Brian Corcoran is a Head Golf Professional at The Colony Golf & Country Club based in Bonita Springs, Florida. Previously, Brian was an Assistant Golf Professional at Applebrook Golf Club in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

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