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How to hit the pitch shot in golf.

I see a lot of students who use the same club and the same technique for multiple shots around the greens. Our best skill development is to have more tools in our toolbox where if a shot dictates a lower ball that runs more or a higher ball that stops sooner, we can hit that shot.

There are three main aspects that I use when it comes to the pitch shot in golf to help control the trajectory. The first is ball position I’m going to move it back and my stance for a lower shot and forward for a higher shot. I’m then going to worry about my wrist hinge on the backswing. The more wrist change I get, the higher I can hit it, the less the lower I’ll hit it.

I also then focus on the way through. I want to think about my handle and how much I release the club so I’m going to dictate all three of these shots for you and to show you how I do it.

In my setup, I want to get my feet just narrower than shoulder-width apart. About 60% of my weight on my front leg and slightly open stance for a low shot.

The ball is going to be back in my stance. I’m not going to have any wrist hinge on the back of my swing and on the way through I’m going to keep my hands really low, so the butt of my club is pointing straight up to the sky. It’s going to look a little bit like this Now, as we work our way to a little bit higher trajectory to a medium trajectory, that ball is going to be moved up and the middle of my stance still going to have 60% of my weight on my left leg.

I don’t want my weight shifting back and forth. So, my low point control can stay consistent. I’m now going to hinge my wrist slightly as I take the club to the back of my swing. So, the club is parallel to the ground as I release the club on the way through. I want to match that image. So, the club is pointing at me parallel to the ground on the way through now to hit a higher, softer shot.

This ball is in and is moved forward or my stance weight is still going to be 60 40. However, when I swing this club back, I’m going to hinge my wrist a lot more. So, I get into a thumb-up position and the board of the club was pointing straight down at the ground as I swing through. Again, I want to copy that image.

So, my thumb is pointing straight up in the sky and the bottom. My club is straight down at the ground Try that next time. And hopefully, you have more tools in your toolbox.

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Mike Morrone is the Head Golf Professional at The Foundry Golf Club in Powhatan, Virginia.

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