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The proper setup for the tee shot in golf.

When using your driver start your backswing, keeping your clubhead inside of the ball as you draw back. This will help with problems such as an outside-in swing, a common fault that causes the golfer to correct just before impact or hit off of square on the club face, creating side spin.

The Proper Setup For The Tee Shot

About Brad Brewer

Brad Brewer is a Top 100 Teacher by Golf Magazine and a PGA Class-A Professional. Brad successfully competed on the Austral-Asian PGA Tour and Hogan/Nike Tours, developed the training curriculum for high-performance juniors at Saddlebrooke Preparatory and applies these experiences to his teaching and coaching at the Brad Brewer Golf Academy at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando.

Brad grew up in Jacksonville, NC. He attended East Carolina University and Greensboro College where he played on the nationally ranked Greensboro College golf team.

For more tips on hitting your tee shots visit Off The Tee.

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