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If you want more rotation in your golf swing, try this Thoracic Spine Exercise

This is part three of our five-part series, Thoracic Spine Rotation, which helps you get more clubhead speed and prevent injury. So, exercise number three is a half-kneeling position. Now I’m in a kneeling position right here. First of all, I’d like to see if you can get into this position.

If this is tough to do. We’re not going to go to half kneeling, so we’re going to be up here like this. I want to bring that club as high as you can to open up your chest and then see if you can rotate your rib cage to the right. Rotate your rib cage to the left and just see how that feels and see if you lose your balance.

If that feels pretty good and you can do the kneeling club overhead exercise and get this club up, then bring one leg up. That’s considered half kneeling. This can be a little bit wobblier, but we’re also working on our hip’s stability at the same time. So, club over your head. Nice and tall. What? You don’t want are goalposts.

You want a nice V. Nice and tall. Now with this thoracic spine exercise, I’m going to turn toward my right leg, which is my backswing because I’m a right-handed golfer. I’m going to try to keep this over my head where I’m still looking at you. I’m going to pulse it three times and I’m going to come back to center. Now, external rotation will be my through the swing with that right leg.

Thoracic Spine Exercise Part 3

You can turn your head if you want or keep looking forwards and you can see that I’m rotating my upper body. Now I’m going to show you the wrong way to do this thoracic spine exercise. This is what I see a lot of like a lot of my golfers do. They bring it up, they have trouble. And then when they rotate, they keep rotating just the arms in their body.

Stop. That is where we need more rotation. We can’t just use our arms in our swing. So, we want nice and tall. Squeeze the glutes and engage the core. Exhale one, two, and three. Come back to center. And then for external rotation, one, two, and three. With this thoracic spine exercise, you want to make sure that you do that with both legs. So, let’s try that.

I’m going to go to my left. This would be my posting leg for a left-handed golfer. I’m going to bring my arms up. Inhale. I’m tucking my hips a little bit, thinking really, really tall through my ribs. Exhale. One, exhale, two, exhale, three. Inhale back to center. Try extra rotation. One, two, three. And I’m going to show it to you one more time.

Ready? Inhale. Talk, talk, talk, talk. Exhale. One, two, three. That’s your posting leg. Inhale. Prepare. Exhale. One, two, and three. Now, if you want to make it just a little bit harder, I’ll show you this quickly. We’re going to bring this club behind our backs. Your hands are going to be right here. Now you’re going to rotate. You’re going to see if you can keep this club.

I’m cheating doing this. You can keep the club on your rib cage. Now, I don’t go very far at the work on my thoracic rotation. And then back to center. And then we’re going to see how far we can turn the other way. Keeping this club right at the bottom of your 12th rib, just back and forth, back and forth.

And I can feel that all across my core. And then the other side see which side is easier. Which side is harder? And what do you want to focus on? The only way to get better is to focus on your weakness. Okay. Half kneeling or kneeling club overhead or Columbia Club behind-back rotation. So, for that exercise and more, visit my mobile app Fit for Golf 50 plus or visit my website at

Mindi Boysen

Mindi Boysen, TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Level III certified Golf Fitness Specialist and owner of “Fit For Golf! Fit For Life!”, is an internationally recognized golf fitness professional with 28 years of experience. She is also a nationally certified Lifestyle/Weight Management Consultant and personal trainer who specializes in functional, Pilates-based and sport-specific training. She currently is endorsed by multiple private golf clubs in North Phoenix/Scottsdale and was the Official Fitness Partner of the Arizona Women’s Golf Association for 10 years.

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