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Wood Chop Hip Twister

Welcome to faults and fixes where we at Fit Golf teach you simple exercises to fix common golf swing faults. This week will be addressing the wood chop swing fault. You can see here how wood chop involves improper rotation of the upper body. Fixing this will increase control, power, and consistency.

The Fix for Wood Chop swing

Let’s take a look at the fix. This is hip twister supported, hip twister supported, improves pelvic rotation and lower body stability as well as separation of the lower body from the upper body in the golf swing.

To do this exercise, you’re going to need a golf club. Begin by grabbing a golf club by the head and put the butt of the club on the floor. Next, rotate your hips left and right as far as you can. As you’re doing the rotations. Keep your upper body still. You want to avoid moving your hips laterally, as Jason is showing here.

And you don’t want to rotate your shoulders. Simply rotate your hips and keep your upper body still. This is hip twister supported.

About FitGolf

A new golf fitness exercise series brought to you by our friends at FitGolf Performance Centers that outline some of the most common swing faults and give you exercises that you can do anytime and anywhere to begin correcting swing faults in your own golf swing. FitGolf has been providing golf fitness services and golf-specific exercise content to golfers all over the world for over two decades.

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