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Honma Golf Tour Level TW-G1X Golf Ball

Honma Golf  introduces, the new Tour World G1x golf ball for golfers seeking high launch, low spin, distance and durability. Amazing carry is achieved by successfully adopting the new research & developed large-capacity and high repulsion core.
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Golf Instruction

Simple Steps To Better Chipping
by Robert Bruno

So what are the two most common, most annoying errors in chipping? The fat chip or as we call the chunk shot or a chip that goes nowhere. The other is the thin chip or a skulled shot, shooting across and off the other side of the green. Learn the basics to chipping and you'll reduce your scores and maybe even win a few side bets.
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Golf Fitness

Eliminate Swaying and Sliding In The Golf Swing

Many people have a hard time rotating their upper body during the golf swing without swaying. Part of the problem occurs due to improper internal and external hip rotation. Golf Fitness Instructor Mindi Boysen offers up this fitness exercise to help you rotate using your core muscles as oppose to swaying and sliding in the golf swing.  

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Golf Travel

The Ultimate Package At Quivura In Los Cabos

To celebrate the October debut of Quivira Golf Club, the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course that is poised to redefine the Cabo golf experience, Pueblo Bonito Oceanfront Resorts and Spas has unveiled the 'Ultimate Golf Package' for travelers who demand the best....and only the best!
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Spring '15 Cutter & Buck's Ladies' Golf Collection

Cutter & Buck's Ladies' Golf Collection for Spring 2015 features modern classics perfectly suited to the active woman's lifestyle. The collection, highlighted by the Departure and Poolside lines, boasts two distinct color palettes in fresh, exciting new styles, many fabricated with UV protection.
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The 19th Hole

CIG Honors Lopez And Sheehan

Capital Insurance Group (CIG) is again looking forward to its role as a presenting sponsor of "The Langley, A Tribute To Legends," which this year for the first time is honoring two women golf greats, Nancy Lopez and Patty Sheehan, on Aug. 10-11 at Pebble Beach.
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