Fourteen Golf Launches New TF-616 Irons and TF-Wedges

While it is certainly not a household name, Fourteen Golf is one of the top club designers and manufacturers on the scene today. After the sucessful release of the comapany's FH-1000 Forged irons several year ago, Fourteen Golf is back at with its new TF-616 irons and TF-Wedge series. Read more >>

Jan Bel Jan, one of the founding partners of the National Women's Golf Alliance (NWGA) has been elected to the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) executive committee. Read more >>

Devereux, an innovator in properly styled men's golf and resort introduces its Americana Collection for Fall 2016. Read more >>

Course of The Week


Callaway Golf Announces Big Bertha OS Irons and Hybrids

Callaway Golf Company officially announced its new line of Big Bertha OS Irons and Hybrids. These products will be available at retail nationwide on September 30. Read more >>


Crystal Springs - One Of America's Prettiest Fall Golf Destinations

Within 30 minutes of drive time Northwest and away from Newark and the Manhattan skyline of New York City, the land formations begin to change dramatically entering the Kittatinny and Appalachian mountain ranges. Read more >>

Travel Location of The Week

Biion's 2017 Kids Line Includes Disney And Nickelodeon Designs

What Loudmouth Golf did for golf pants and polos, Biion Footwear is doing for golf shoes. The Canadian manufacturer of visually striking and seemingly weightless precision golf shoes, is setting their sights on the youngest of golfers with the introducion of its new 2017 spring line of golf footwear created just for kids. Read more >>


Big Ball Warm-Up Exercise

One of the more popular pieces of very inexpensive equipment fitness instructors like to use in their golf fitness routine is a stability ball or big ball. They are very popular and you can use for every single muscle in your body. Many fitness instructors encourage their clients to do use the big ball as a warm-up tool on the range. Watch the video >>

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Learning to Play Golf Better and Shoot Lower Scores

he game is definitely a challenge to play and learn. There are many factors that contribute to lower scores and one of the key elements is learning how to manage the course effectively. The best golfers know their strengths and understand when to be aggressive and when they need to be conservative. Read more >>

The 19th Hole

In Memory Of Bob Cupp

In the early hours of August 20th, my friend Bob Cupp passed peacefully into the next world. Bob Cupp was many things to many people. He was an important golf course designer, having designed something in the neighborhood of 250 highly-respected golf courses worldwide during his career. Read more >>