Ping Introduces iBlade Irons

Through extensive research and observation of leading tour professionals, PING engineers designed the new iBlade iron for golfers who rely on the precision and control to execute the most demanding shots in the game. Read more >>

In the early hours of August 20th, my friend Bob Cupp passed peacefully into the next world. Bob Cupp was many things to many people. Read more >>

As a "real sports car", the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car. Read more >>

Course of The Week


Odyssey X-Act Tank Chippers

A few years back several smaller tier manufacturers began to offer chippers, club that looked a wedge and had the feel of a putter. Just this week long-time putter manufacturer Odyssey entered the fray with its X-Act Tank Chippers. Read more >>


Golfing Is Great in America's Northwest Corner

The Cape Club by Troon (formerly Ballymeade Country Club), located on Cape Cod, will open for daily-fee play on Wednesday, August 3rd. A totally new golf experience will be unveiled as the original 18-holes were essentially wiped away and a completely new golf course was constructed. Read more >>

Travel Location of The Week

"Stay Collar" Elevates Level Of Detail In Chase54 Apparel Collection

CHASE54 announces its official STAY COLLAR, offering a sleek and clean collar for the course and beyond. The STAY COLLAR complements the brands FUSION54 family of proprietary fabrics, offering detail-oriented, advanced fabric technologies like moisture-wicking DRYFUZE and odor-fighting FRESHIELD. Read more >>


Increasing Strength and Mobility on Both Sides

Golfers who have a "C" posture prevents the body from turning freely and can cause errant shots and reduced distance. Golf fitness coach Katherine Roberts demonstrates how to develop a balance of flexibility and mobility allowing the golfer to get into a taller and more neutral position at during their setup. Watch the video >>

Private Club of The Week


Learning to Play Golf Better and Shoot Lower Scores

he game is definitely a challenge to play and learn. There are many factors that contribute to lower scores and one of the key elements is learning how to manage the course effectively. The best golfers know their strengths and understand when to be aggressive and when they need to be conservative. Read more >>

The 19th Hole

In Memory Of Bob Cupp

In the early hours of August 20th, my friend Bob Cupp passed peacefully into the next world. Bob Cupp was many things to many people. He was an important golf course designer, having designed something in the neighborhood of 250 highly-respected golf courses worldwide during his career. Read more >>