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Big Bertha Alpha 815 Woods & Hybrids

Callaway announces the latest addition to the Big Bertha line-up with the all new Big Bertha Alpha 815 Fairway Woods. What's new about this version of the Big Berta fairway woods? These clubs adjust spin control and trajectory for the ball flight golfers want to play. At the same time, Callaway also announced the Big Bertha Alpha 815 Hybrids, complete distance hybrids for better players.
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The Proper Setup When Using Your Driver
by Brad Brewer

Nowadays everyone is looking for more distance off the tee, however many players have a tendency to want to reach when they get into the setup position. When a player does this they end up pulling the club inside on their take away, with negative results. The proper address for hitting longer drives is to have your arms connected with upper body, as I demonstrate in this video tip.
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Strength Plus Speed Equals More Power
by Mindi Boysen

Strength plus speed equals power in the golf game. Often players who are born with strength, tend to work on that part of their game, while players who have speed tend to work that aspect of their game. The reason being; there is a comfort level. However, if you truly want to add more power and distance to your game you need to develop both speed and strength for a more powerful golf game.

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Streamsong To Build A Third Course

Streamsong Resort, home to two critically- acclaimed golf courses, has announced plans to build a third course, which will open in autumn 2017 on its 16,000 acre property in central Florida. The third course - Streamsong Black - will be designed by Gil Hanse, architect of The Olympic Golf Course in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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Drive For Show Ball Marking Stencil From Tin Cup

You know that old saying; drive for show and putt for dough. Well, maybe you're not the longest off the tee in your foresome, but you can certainly be the slickest when it comes to your golf ball.

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The 19th Hole

Tiger Woods Teams Up With Full Swing Golf

Full Swing Golf, the San Diego-based golf company and one of th leaders in golf simulation technology for entertainment and training performance, has entered into an exclusive multi year partnership with one of the most iconic figures in sports, Tiger Woods.
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