Exotics EX10 Beta Fairway Wood

All to often golfers have a tendency to throw good money after bad, all in an effort to have the right clubs in their bag. Long known for being the most solid investment in the game and once Tour Edge touts its ability to deliver high quality golf clubs, using the best materials available with the release of the new Exotics EX10 Beta fairway wood. Read more >>

A new international membership available from England's historic Stoke Park Country Club. Read more >>

Pete Dye Course at French Lick honored by NGCOA. Read more >>

Course of The Week - Casa de Campo


Cobra Golf Unveils King Pur Wedges

Cobra introduces its new KING PUR Wedges, featuring a new raw, un-plated stainless steel finish for maximum spin, improved feel, versatility and precision around the greens. This latest addition to the Cobra lineup utilize brand's patented Progressive Spin Technology in three specific sole grinds designed to cater to three very different types of wedge play and conditions. Read more >>


4 Top Golf Destinations in Florida

There are plenty of top golf courses in Florida to visit, from Jacksonville to Orlando to Naples to Miami. In addition to the championship quality golf courses, these resorts also include a wide range of amenities to entertain the entire family. Read more >>

Travel - Montego Bay

Sun Mountain To Make Under Armour Golf Bags

Sun Mountain has entered a licensing agreement with Under Armour to create and market a new line of golf bags. The 2017 collection includes two stand bags - Speedround and Match Play - and one cart bag Armada. These new golf bags are scheduled to be at on- and off-course golf specialty stores beginning in April. Read more >>


Lat Exercise

One of the biggest variables in golf that we want to take out of the equation altogether is our body. It's important each and every day you start your round of golf that you have a consistent body when you play. In this exercise golf fitness coach Mindi B demonstrates three moves to help you to develop and maintain a consistent lower body. Watch the video >>

Private Club - Grey Oaks


How To Eliminate An Over-The-Top Move In The Golf Swing

In this video segment, Bob Usher from Grey Oaks Country Club in Naples, Florida shares a tip on how to stop coming over the top in your golf swing. Watch the video >>

The 19th Hole

Milstein Family Invests In Miura Golf

Howard Milstein and the Milstein family have partnered with Miura Golf, the Japanese manufacturer of what mnay in industry say are the world's finest forged clubs. With the investment, the Milsteins acquire a majority interest in the rights to distribute the iconic equipment brand domestically and in key markets worldwide. Read more >>